• CommandPost uses Crashlytics to collect information about crashes in the application and extensions (hereafter known as Crash Data).

  • Crashlytics is owned by Google.

  • Audience Insights is the benefit of an integration between Answers and Twitter. We use this feature to gather anonymous data about where CommandPost users are located in the world, so that we can make informed decisions about possible translations, and keyboard/language support.

  • You can read the Crashlytics Privacy Policy at their website.

  • This feature is enabled by default.

  • Users can opt-out using the CommandPost preferences window - although we'd prefer you didn't!

  • Crash Data is uploaded securely to the Crashlytics servers.

  • No personally identifying data is collected or transmitted by CommandPost.

  • Some information about the hardware and operating system is collected and transmitted.

  • The location of the CommandPost app bundle in your filesystem, is collected (e.g. /Applications/CommandPost.app).

  • The location of the CommandPost extensions you use, is collected (e.g. /Applications/CommandPost.app/Contents/Resources/extensions/ipc/internal-ipc.so).

  • CommandPost scripts (i.e. init.lua) are not collected or transmitted, nor is any personal data that may be stored by CommandPost (e.g. the contents of your clipboard, or the contents of Lua variables).

Why do we do this?

  • It is very important to us that CommandPost contain as few bugs as possible, particularly ones which case it to crash.

  • We need your help to make this happen, so we collect low level information about which part of CommandPost has caused a crash, so we can fix it.


  • We will never attempt to identify CommandPost users using the Crash Data.

  • We will never sell any CommandPost Crash Data.

  • We will never distribute any CommandPost Crash Data for any other purpose than the fixing of bugs.

  • Some Crash Data may be distributed in the form of GitHub Issues (i.e. bug reports) if it is important/relevant for the discussion of a bug.

If you do not want to upload Crash Data...

  • Click on the CommandPost menubar icon and choose Preferences, untick Send crash data, quit CommandPost and re-open it. The Crashlytics framework will no longer be initialised.


  • If you have any suggestions or comments about this feature of CommandPost, or the contents of this Privacy Policy, please file an issue on GitHub.