The main interface for CommandPost is the menubar, which sits in your system’s menubar at the top right of the screen alongside other items such as the WiFi icon, Volume Control, Battery Information, Date & Time, and Spotlight.
The menubar is contextual, so it will show different things depending on the active application. For example, when Final Cut Pro X is active, you'll see something similar to this:
The menubar is split up into multiple sections, and offers a huge variety of different tools and features.
By default, the menubar is pretty jam-packed with heaps of options and functionality. If you find it too daunting, you can adjust what sections are shown in the menubar via the Menubar Preferences panel.
At the bottom of the menubar is a SETTINGS section, and within that, a Preferences... option. Once you click that you'll be presented with this:
From this preferences you can pick and choose which menubar items you want to show or hide.
You can also switch from using an icon in the menubar, to the text "CommandPost"
Menubar Text
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