The Console is a name for the interface we use for selection actions in CommandPost.

In some ways, it's a blatant rip-off of Andrew Kramer at Video Copilot's incredible free FX Console plugin for After Effects.

The "Global Console" allows you to trigger actions from any application. By default, in the Shortcuts preferences, "Activate Global Console" is assigned to CONTROL + OPTION + COMMAND + SPACE.

With CommandPost running after an initial install, if you press CONTROL + OPTION + COMMAND + SPACE on your keyboard, it will open the Global Console, which looks like this:

Global Console

With a similar interface to Alfred you can then search for any Global action and trigger it.

If you right-click on the Console, you'll see the follow menu:

Global Console

This allows you to:

  • Favourite or Hide items in the Console.

  • Remember the last text query entered.

  • Search the sub-text field (i.e. the smaller text in the Console).

  • Show Hidden items (useful when you want to restore something you've already hidden).

  • Toggle which "Sections" you want to show.

All of the above settings are remember for this Global Console.

However, this isn't the only instance of the Console - we use it right throughout CommandPost.

For example, with CommandPost running after an initial install, and Final Cut Pro open and active, if you press CONTROL + SPACE on your keyboard, this will "Activate Console".

Final Cut Pro Console

As you see in the above screenshot, it's exactly the same interface as the "Global Console", but with more/different sections.

We also use the Console in the Preferences panel for selecting actions. For example, in the Touch Bar Preferences you'll see the "Select" button in the Layout Editor:

Touch Bar Preferences

This opens a Console, allowing you to select an Action for this Touch Bar Item:

Touch Bar Preferences

Each Console remembers it's own settings (i.e. selected sections, favourites, hides, remember the last query entered, etc.).

Each Console is also automatically sorted by last item selected, so the most recent item you used will always be at the top (unless you have any favourites, which take priority).