Last updated 5 months ago

Easy Uninstall

Inside the CommandPost DMG package is an uninstall application:

Package Contents

By running this Uninstall application it will remove everything related to CommandPost, including your Preferences and Settings.

If you have enabled "Enable Moving Markers", or changed the "Smart Collection Label" or "Backup Interval", you should change these settings back to their defaults prior to uninstalling CommandPost.

Manual Uninstall

The CommandPost preferences are located at:


This file can also be dragged to the Trash to remove CommandPost’s Preferences.

Any user created Extensions, Plugins, Shortcuts or Tangent Settings are stored within:

~/Library/Application Support/CommandPost

These can be also be removed if required.

CommandPost's WebKit, Crashlytics & Sparkle caches are stored within:

~/Library/Application Support/org.latenitefilms.CommandPost

These folders can also be removed if required.