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You can download the latest release of CommandPost as an DMG package here.

Once downloaded, simply open the package by double-clicking it.

You will be presented with a MIT license agreement like the below - click Agree if you accept.

License Agreement

The DMG package will open, looking like this:

Package Contents

Double click the CommandPost icon. It will now ask you if you wish to move CommandPost to your Applications folder:

Move CommandPost

Click Move To Applications. CommandPost will now launch the Welcome Screen:

Welcome Screen


You'll then be presented with the Accessibility Permissions screen:

Accessibility Panel

When you click ENABLE ACCESSIBILITY, macOS will present you with this:

Accessibility Permissions

Click Open System Preferences.

When the Privacy Tab of the Security & Privacy System Preferences opens, you'll see CommandPost in the "Allow the apps below to control your computer" list. However the panel is locked, so you need to click the paddock icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to make changes.

Accessibility Permissions

Enter your computers password and press Unlock:

Accessibility Permissions

Once the preferences are unlocked, you can tick CommandPost in the list. As soon as you click it, System Preferences will close, and you'll go back to the CommandPost setup:

PLEASE NOTE: This next setup screen has been removed in Beta 22 and later. However, you can still enable "Control CommandPost Shortcuts within Final Cut Pro" via the Final Cut Pro Preferences window.


The next setup screen asks you whether you wish to use Final Cut Pro's Command Editor to control it's shortcuts, or the built-in CommandPost Shortcut Manager, which is found in the Shortcuts tab in CommandPost's Preferences.

If you select USE FINAL CUT PRO, you'll be asked for your Administrator password. Once done, CommandPost will add all it's own shortcuts (for example, "Enable Scrolling Timeline") to Final Cut Pro's own Command Editor for easy access.

If you select USE COMMANDPOST, then you can setup your CommandPost shortcuts via the Shortcuts tab in CommandPost's Preferences.

Clicking either option will bring you to the final screen:

Setup Complete

Click CLOSE, and you're ready to use CommandPost!

You can access CommandPost's features via it's menubar icon.